North america eritrean dating

And like many 1st-gen’ers of non-Western roots, the pressure to marry someone with the same cultural make-up hovers obtrusively over your prime dating years.

Quickly, you realize that there’s no such thing as “casual” dating.

But it only took a couple of weeks in my hometown of Seattle to realize that even this chapter in the book of courtship had been accepted, on my part, in error.

For most Eritreans, particularly those removed from Eritrea, national identity took precedence over their ethnic identity.

Mr Isaias justifies this eternal mass mobilisation by claiming that neighbouring Ethiopia is scheming to re-conquer Eritrea.

Just as the fictional state of “Oceania” was always at war in George Orwell’s “1984”, so Mr Isaias presents his repression as essential to guarantee the survival of the nation against outside enemies.

But it isn’t the prospect of being fiercely prospected by the opposite sex in my community that has me frazzled.

It is the presence of a new participant in this nationalistic romance roulette that has me redirecting my side-eye stare. With the discovery that the legitimacy of an “arranged marriage” is not a pill that their Americanized offspring are willing to easily swallow, these new Eritrean moms-in-law-to-be have opted for a different, not-so-subtle approach to ensuring an ethnically homogeneous legacy. The scene: An uncharacteristically sunny Sunday in Seattle, at church with a predominantly Eritrean congregation.

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