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Select the cells with serial number that you want to convert to date, right click and then select Format Cells from the right-clicking menu. In the Format Cells dialog box, please go to the Number tab, click Date in the Category box, and if you need, specify a date format in the Type box, and finally click the OK button.

See screenshot: Then the selected cells with serial numbers are converted to dates immediately.

Then you can see all serial numbers are converted to corresponding dates in a helper column. You can see the selected cells with serial numbers are converted to specific date format immediately.

To find the model number, look for a model number sticker on the engine.

The majority of serial numbers are located under the bottom bracket where the two pedal cranks meet. If there is no serial number near the cranks, you should check other common places including the front headset or rear stays.

The diagram (below) indicates five of the most common serial number locations.

All Honda engines model numbers start with the letter "G," such as "G100", "GX610", or "GXV160." This is the base engine model.

To do so, bring the bicycle to the station, located in Parking Structure A (PSA).Sometimes, when you apply some formulas or format the cell as number format, you will get a serial number such as 42088 instead of the normal date 3/25/2015.For converting these serial number to real date, the following methods in this article will help you.The best chance at recovering a stolen bicycle is having a registered serial number.These numbers are used by police across the nation.

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