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Click here or on "view gallery" to see Richard Briers' acting career in pictures.

Trevor Noah Shirtless, Girlfriend, Parents, And Other Stuff. He’s dating a girl named Dani Gabriel and here’s a picture of the couple which Trevor shared to his Instagram followers. za tells us more about Trevor’s girlfriend: Sounds like a cool girl, no?

Trevor Noah shirtless photo with ex-girlfriend Dani Gabriel (see update below). We hear our friend Kevin saying, “Sure he is cool and all but is he gay so I can include him in my shag list?

The pics are not very clear but they still show us that he is in great shape!

The inspiration for the Formula 1 was the success of the Swatch watch, which had been launched at Basel in 1983.

This blend of high fashion and laidback glamour is designed for women who like to set their own pace and life to their own clock.

We test the traction on our bracelets 5,000 times, test the most fragile part of the leather 5,000 more times and leave them out in the sun for 72 hours at a time in 60C/140F heat.

We make them break a sweat so they will never break.

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