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In an interesting move it’ll be on nightly, stripped across three weeks.

It’s a format that’s proven popular elsewhere; including the recent ITV2 hit Love Island, so makes sense. Eden Blackman, dating expert and founder of Would Like to Meet (whose USP is that it eliminates the risk of fake profiles) will work with matchmaker Nadia Essex to pair the celebrities with prospective partners.

It isn’t unusual to harbor fantasies about getting close to some of your favorite celebrities one day.Here are some of the lucky ones who landed someone with a bunch of money and never have to work again if they don’t want to, although it’s worth noting that most of these people do have their own successful careers.Matt Damon wife Luciana Barroso had the luckiest bartending shift of all time the night the actor walked in to her Miami club.This is the part of what drives everyone crazy about them.However, there are actually celebrities who are not afraid to date outside the world of fame and some of these are as follows: Adele is a popular singer whose boyfriend is a non-celebrity.

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